Hello and thank you for wanting to do business with Todd Patrick Designs. Seeing that most frequently asked questions are the same, we hope this help you before we actually communicate and do business.

1) Todd Patrick Designs is currently ONLY accepting tulle skirt clients. Customs is put on hold, but from time to time he will post random items for sale via his Instagram. @onlyoneofmetodd


2) All skirts are custom, meaning they are made to size, color and order. (List of colors are via website )

3)Plus size (waist measurement over 45") is an extra $15. It's an option only under a floor length skirt.

4) If your local (Baton Rouge, La area) and don't require a shipping cost and want to pick up?, no problem just type "local" in the discount section to void the shipping price.

5) A skirt could take a total of 8-10 days before you receive after purchase. If in stock within 5 days.

6) Please order ahead of time due to the time it takes to order and receive the tulle. We advise 2 weeks ahead of time needed.

7) Interested in buying a tulle skirt? Could purchase anytime on the website, if local please require a personal invoice.

8) Measurements mostly needed for a tulle skirt is the waist (width around full waist) and waist to the desire length (waist to above knee, calves or floor).

9) The prices are located via website

10) Yes we have kid tulle skirts available in different price ranges up to 12 years old. ( )

Need more answers please visit or wait for a response back via email. Thanks again xoxo