First Deposit, Monthly Deposits, Final Deposit

I'm starting my prom girls early for my 2020 girls simply because I want to make it easier for the early starters to pay off their dress. Which means it will give you 6-7 months for my March - April girls and 8-9 months for my May-June prom girls.



Due at 1st consultation

A minimum of $200 of your dress total is required at the first consultation. Depending on your dress cost, to get started would require more. Now that amount doesn't have to be paid durning the first consultation. But I wouldn't be able to purchase the fabric until the rest is paid.


Plan Accordingly

Starting early allows you to make monthly deposits so your dress could be easily paid off and makes the process less stressful. Coming up with a monthly amount you'll like to pay is totally up to your budget.


Due by last consultation

It's the final payment for your dress, must be due durning or before the last consultation/pick up date. Keep in mind you can pay off your dress at anytime.


  • Via CashApp $ToddPatrickDesigns - I send a heart or thumbs up if I received it. 

  • If you want to send via PayPal I will send an invoice to the email of your choice.

  • You can pay by check or cash. If your final payment is a check you will not be able to receive your dress until the check clears or is cashed. 



no refunds after 8 days

Deposits, payments towards dress or any money received for your dress paid to Todd Patrick Designs, CANT be refunded after 8 days. You have 8 days to request for a refund. Otherwise all money paid is final. Simply for time spent and material purchased for the dress.

Options is to either finish paying for dress, resale and make your money back or get something made with the material so far purchased for the amount you've paid. 


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