What should you do first?


Design Ideas

Please have some ideas of dress design you'll like created. At least 3 photos of inspiration, keeping in mind of your max budget. And that It's sometimes that aren't possible for me to make.


My Prices are around $400-$1200+

The average cost of my prom dresses are $550. Minimum cost of my prom dresses are $400; solid fabric floor length dresses with an average train. 
Any Dress with Sequin, Rhinestones, Feathers would easily cost over $650. Feathers and Rhinestones are at least a $200-$350 add on to your dress design.



I do not personally like to do replicas of other designers work. I like to be a trendsetter and come up with my own personal dress design from your ideas. When presented with a dress you want similar, of course fabrication and certain details won't match and that's fine. If you're interested in getting the exact dress and it's not a custom previous dress of mine, I'd most likely decline to make it, otherwise be open to changes.


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