• What is a consultation? Consultations are simply a meeting where we go other your dress design and discuss the overall outcome of the price and design. 

  • Your Prom Slot purchase covers your 1st consultation cost. If you feel the need to have another consultation / in person meeting after our first consultation, you'll be required to set a consultation day and pay for it. 

  • I do not require you to have more than one consultation. 

  • If you aren't local you have nothing to worry about, but to make sure we finalize and go over all ideas via email or if you want to FaceTime that's perfectly fine with me. 

  • If you requested swatches or sketches of your dress this will be presented durning the consultation. 



Every prom slot that is purchased durning the month of September will be entered into a drawing that will select two winners. 1st winner will win $100 off her total dress cost. The 2nd place winner will win a Todd Patrick Designs tee.


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