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Tulle Skirts Terms Policy

By purchasing a tulle skirt from you are agreeing to terms/policy below. 


Normal order time frame is between 10-12 days you should receive skirt after purchase date. Depending on holidays and weather, time frame could change. International orders could take no more than 2 weeks at times. Normal time frame about 8-14 days after being shipped. 


Please keep in mind this doesn't mean if you order it'll be shipped off next day, unless the color option is in stock will this be possible but a $50 rush order fee will be required. Before ordering skirt and wanting to do rush order please contact us first before making purchase to confirm if possible. Normal time frame for rush orders are 4 days after purchase. This will not include the extra fee for shipping as well. That price will be determined once location is approved because the price vary with next day delivery. 


Skirts are custom to order, meaning once you place your order and provide measurements and color option, the skirt is then in process of being constructed to your size. Once you have sent over your size and material is purchased the order is complete. If you later decide to change color option, a base fee of $45 is required. This price also is subject to change depending on the style of skirt and please again email us so we can confirm and send over personal invoice. 


Material is ordered Monday - Friday, normal material is ordered after purchase is made and could take a few days before receiving to start. For tulle skirts, the material of waistband is spandex stretch and the body of the skirt is tulle. No zippers or buttons. 


Skirts are shipped priority usps and could take between 2-3 business days. 

If interested in next day delivery please email us first so we can send a personal invoice for this option, but please keep in mind this doesn't work after you purchase skirt. It still take a few plus days to make skirt and then ship off. 


Again skirts are custom to order. For example to determine waist of skirt measure across belly button waist area. For length measure from belly button waist area on down. Some skirts require more measurements. All custom to your size from the measurements in inches you've provided. 


Once skirt is complete and shipped off, a tracking link will be sent to email either the day of shipping or next day morning. If you haven't received a tracking link after 12 days after purchase date, please contact us and will send it right away. 


If your local and want to pick up skirt please type "local" in the discount section at checkout to void shipping cost. 

If you want to get measured and your local that's fine. Dates to get measured are Monday - Friday between the hours of 11am and 6pm. Please email us first to confirm dates and time and an address will be sent out to your email. If you are running late please email us to inform us with a proper time if available, otherwise 25 minutes after schedule meeting is void. You'll have to lick another date and time. 


Unfortunately due to my daily scheduling I do not have the time to text/email all my clients on a daily. I normally reply within a few hours if not no more than a day. 

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