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Custom order policy/agreements 

Todd Patrick Designs offers one of a kind overall custom design experience. If you are ordering a custom outfit please read over the terms below of getting something custom made and the terms to follow after order has been made. 

Todd Patrick Designs prefer to do business through email and would occasionally discuss business through private message on Instagram @onlyonetodd and Facebook page Todd Patrick Designs. 

If you’re in need of getting something custom designed please allow a proper time frame to get the desired design constructed. At least 3 weeks ahead of time. Normally for special occasions like weddings, proms etc please allow 2-3 month lead time to place order due to high demand. Normally around January - May months. 

Please place custom order request through email or contact directly through website. 


Personal consultations outside of email will now be a fee of $25 for an hour discussion. If you’ll like a fashion sketch of desired design, a 3 minimum sketch would be available. At a charge of $60. Can be presented at time of consultation and adjustments on design could be discussed at that time. All of this could be added into final cost. Just be sure to request it. Also at consultation you will be able to get measured.


If you are in need of getting measured, no fee just please get a confirm time and date. And Todd could do it for you. Monday - Friday 11am-6pm. If you’re running late please inform Todd that you are and if an available time is open. If not a new date and time will be sent. If you are more than 25 min late and you didn’t inform Todd, appointment will be canceled. If you’ll like to supply your measurements i. Inches, please get a full list of the measurements Todd will need for your design and you could email those as soon as you can. 


When contacting Todd Patrick Designs on getting a custom designed outfit. Please inform the designer of the date you’ll need the custom outfit, your location, photos of the inspired look and details you’ll like to add on overall design. This will get a faster response and help the process move along quickly. Email hours are normally answered between 11am-8pm Monday - Friday. Weekends are off days and would occasionally answer an email if it’s of importance otherwise Monday morning it’ll be answered. 


If you’re sent fabric options via email in photos of fabric and confirms fabric for designed outfit and you’ll like to change fabric once ordered, that’s an additional charge to order new fabric. If the designer and the buyer comes to an agreement on fabrication that’s apart of the overall design, that’s the confirm agreement to order fabric and move forward. If the buyer decides they no know longer like the fabric, the buyer is still responsible for the agreed designed fabric. An additional charge for new fabric will be invoiced to buyer. If you’ll like samples of fabric choices a personal fee will be required. Depending on the fabric, the price will vary, but it’s always an option. Please email if you’ll want a sample and a invoice will be sent for payment. 


At least 2, 1st fitting and final fitting are required for design. Please have date and time confirmed with designer. Any fitting/change request after is an additional charge and price is subject to design changes. If you leave a fitting in an agreement of the date of design, you can not come days later or hours later with additional changes to what we already agreed on. Otherwise you are subject to an additional charge and still responsible for paying for agreed designed. Price to be determined upon request for additional design request.

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