How To Measure (Photos)

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When measuring For Striped Top/ Tulle Skirt for custom fittings to your body type. Nothing better than something fitting right.

CVS/Walgreens have measuring tape for $3.

Shoulder - Measure one side of shoulder.
Bust - measure full bust all around & front
Neck to below waist for length of top
Sleeve- measure from top shoulder end on down to wrist, elbow or where ever you want sleeve to end.
Around arm measurement (biceps)
Around Wrist

Waist - Measure around your full waist.
Hip - (if you want, not needed) measure around hip area.
Length Wise waist on down - start at your waist and measure down to the point you want your skirt to stop. (Example; waist to knee, waist to floor, waist to above knee, waist to calves etc)