The Carrie Skirt


(Perfered white color tulle only, because that's what Carrie would've wanted but if you desire another color that's fine, but it takes the fun out of having The Carrie Skirt)

Inspired from my favorite fashion gal, Carrie Bradshaw. A fictional character from HBO's hit series and movies, Sex and the City.

The skirt is offered only in White just like the character wore in the opening credits of the hit show. The length is above the knee. Please provide Waist and Length measurements, but the length must be no more than 20" long. (Model in photo is wearing a white skirt and is 17" long) This skirt does come lined and has 3 layers, no zipper needed, a stretch band for comfort and ease.

You'll provide these measurements in the note tonseller in pay pal check out section (normally available when your paying no mobile setting) If you can't find the note to seller just email with the measurements and color (preferably white)


  • The Carrie Skirt
  • Plus Size (waist more than 45")