Prom 2023

Exceeding Expectations

I first want to thank you for choosing me to design your perfect prom dress. I understand how important this day is to you and will make sure it goes off smoothly. Which is why I start much earlier than usual and want all of my current prom girls dresses to be finished before March of the new year. No stress or worries will be of matter during the coming weeks of prom. I have made over 100 dresses for prom alone over the past few years. I have a bachelors degree in fashion design and merchandising. I pride myself in my work and give quality over everything. Ask my previous clients about me. I'm a detailed designer that spend hours on your dress to give you the best I can give for the price that you pay.

Custom Orders; Promotions and special offers provided on website does not apply to custom orders outside of website. 


Design Ideas

Please have some ideas of dress design you'll like created. At least 3 photos of inspiration, keeping in mind of your max budget. Some designs aren't possible for me to make so have plenty of options. 


My Prices are around $500-$1450+

The average cost of my prom dresses are $1,000. Minimum cost of my prom dresses are $500; solid fabric floor length dresses with an average train. 
Any Dress with Sequin, Rhinestones, Feathers would easily cost over $800. Feathers and Rhinestones are at least a $200-$500 add on to your dress design.



I do not personally like to do replicas of other designers work. I like to be a trendsetter and come up with my own personal dress design from your ideas. When presented with a dress you want similar, of course fabrication and certain details won't match and that's fine. If you're interested in getting the exact dress and it's not a custom previous dress of mine, I'd most likely decline to make it, otherwise be open to changes.


What should you know about fittings?

When it comes to fittings, I would normally require at least 3 total fittings. In most of my cases the first fitting goes perfect. If I feel I need to make a sample of the dress in lining to. get the perfect fit, I will contact you to come prior to me cutting on the real fabric, to make sure the fit is perfect. 

Please keep in mind, my workroom is not that big. At least 1 or 2 people can come to your fitting, no more. 


First Deposit, Monthly Deposits, Final Deposit

Example: I'm starting my prom girls early for my 2023 girls simply because I want to make it easier for the early starters to pay off their dress. Which means it will give you 6-7 months for my March - April girls and 8-9 months for my May-June prom girls.

My website now offers shoppay meaning anything you purchase on the website could be paid in 4 installments. That could be used on deposits and any other payment towards dress. Custom payment section is created if the installment option is what you’ll prefer. 


 $25 for 1 sketch. $60 for 3 sketches. 

Sketches are done by request. Mostly for those who would love for Todd Patrick to come up with a design for them or they’ll like to see the consultation ideas sketched out. He will then provide 1-3 different fashion sketches with this package.

Do you ship out of state?

Yes, I make custom dresses all over the country. I do advice having a seamstress on call just in case. I've never experienced an out of state client needing alterations. They were perfect fits for the most part but better safe than sorry. Also prices varies with shopping cost depending on weight of package and location. 

How do I pay you?

My CashApp is $ToddPatrickDesigns. You can pay on your dress at anytime. I can send an Invoice from PayPal to your email, Zelle or through my website. 

How long does it take to make a dress?

I'm pretty quick when it comes to making a dress once I have the fabric. Prom isn't the only thing I work on, so in many cases I design and finish dresses based on prom dates. Of course if you wait last minute to order your dress, I do have a $150 rush order fee. I encourage to start early as possible.

How much does your prom dresses cost?

Prom dresses are based off of design, size and fabrication. The same dress could be a different price simply because of the fabric.