A: Custom Payments
A: Custom Payments
A: Custom Payments

A: Custom Payments

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Payment options via website: The following options below are ways you can pay via website. Either pay total cost all at once, meaning you won’t have a balance and you’ve paid your total cost in full. You can pay your full deposit which is 50% the total cost (depending on the date you’ve placed your custom order, a 75% deposit will be required) to get all your material needed. Depending on style and fabrics, a higher deposit amount may be required. You can also pay your deposit or total cost in 4 bi weekly installments by choosing SHOPPAY at checkout. 

  • Pay In Full 
  • Pay Deposit In Full 
  • Pay Total In 4 bi weekly installments with shoppay
  • Pay Deposit In 4 bi weekly Installments with shoppay 


Depending if order needs to be shipped, the shipping fee will come after garment is finished. it will have a list of options you can pick from. If LOCAL, you wouldn’t have to worry about a shipping fee if you’re picking up. 

- custom payments are personally created by the designer for the client only. Do not purchase another clients order/deposit etc only the one created for you - 


Please email for my advice. (This option is normally given after the client and designer’s consultation.)